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Cruise Business Picking Up in San Francisco (San Francisco Chronicle – September 24, 2010)

Love to hear more cruise ships will be stopping in San Francisco in 2011.  Crystal Cruises, a luxury cruise line, is one great example of increased interest. This is both a sign of how the cruise business is doing (a corner has been turned) and the increased demand for travel closer to home. This article highlights the importance of such business to the travel industry in San Francisco: http://articles.sfgate.com/2010-09-24/business/24087017_1_cruise-industry-news-oivind-mathisen-cruise-business

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Cavallo Point (San Francisco Chronicle – May 9, 2010):

Cavallo Point is an extremely charming hotel right under/next to the Golden Gate Bridge (near Sausalito). The Colonial Revival two-story buildings surround a lovely park. But if that style is not your thing, there are several modern facilities located on the hillside. Not only does the whole setting afford incredible views of SF and the Golden Gate bridge, it also has some wonderful hiking, food, spa treatments, and a cooking school:


Best part? You can even take your 4-legged friend for an overnight.

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