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Cavallo Point (San Francisco Chronicle – May 9, 2010):

Cavallo Point is an extremely charming hotel right under/next to the Golden Gate Bridge (near Sausalito). The Colonial Revival two-story buildings surround a lovely park. But if that style is not your thing, there are several modern facilities located on the hillside. Not only does the whole setting afford incredible views of SF and the Golden Gate bridge, it also has some wonderful hiking, food, spa treatments, and a cooking school:


Best part? You can even take your 4-legged friend for an overnight.

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This is my virgin blog. So be gentle. And patient. And give me feedback. Let me start with the basics: My objective is to share travel experiences with my community. On that note, I thought I would start off easy by sharing one of my personal favorites – Hiking, eating, and sleeping my way through the Alps (no, not all of the Alps in one trip!). This is not for everyone, but if you enjoy the outdoors and getting a bit of exercise folded into your travels, it can hit the spot.

Hiking in the Alps can easily be mixed and matched with other interests:

Parasailing in Talloires

Parasailing in Talloires

  • Adventure Experiences:  Jumping off mountains, bungey jumping or canyoning

  • City dwelling: Milan, Zurich, Munich or Salzburg
  • Language Immersion
  • Health Spas
  • Agri-Tourism
  • Culinary
  • Wine
  • Museums

Here are a few of my favorite spots in the Alps:

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For a perfect ending — watch this video!

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